Westport Power Generating Station

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About Westport Power Generating Station

Built:ย 1906
Closed: 1993
Current Status: Demolished

Built in 1906, the BG&E Westport Generating Station was a sight to be seen back in the day. It was unfortunately demolished back in 2008. It had a rail car system on the top floor that was used for coal delivery.

It was also one of the filming locations for “12 Monkeys” the movie.

This is hands down one of my absolute favorite locations that I’ve ever had the privilege of exploring. I will never forget arriving at the top floor (after climbing many many stories of stairs) and being amazed that there were rail cars on the roof!


Baltimore’s Abandoned BG&E Westport Power Plant | Abandoned America

https://mde.maryland.gov/programs/LAND/MarylandBrownfieldVCP/Documents/www.mde.state.md.us/assets/document/FORMER WESTPORT GENERATING STATION(1).pdf

The Abandoned Westport Power Plant That was Sadly Demolished – Abandoned Spaces